Nov. 27th, 2014

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So, I revised and expanded the prequel to the long story I was working on, bringing it in at just over 10k. It was sent off to my betas on the 24th, though I've only heard back from one of them so far. That's making me wonderfully jittery. :/

I had been attempting to work on a superheroes story but it was fighting me, so I figured that since sci-fi had been working for me so well before I may as well stick with that. Dusted off another sci-fi story and have been plunking along at it for the last couple of days. So far I've added 2k to it, which means it's currently sitting at 10k words with an unknown amount left to go. I'm guessing it will clock at 15-20k in the end, but considering I still haven't figured out how to wrap this story it could possibly get away from me again. >.>;

I don't have nearly as good of a grasp on this one as I did on the last two, so I will definitely be needing a detailed beta at some point to tell me where I've screwed up.

Took a slight break from writing today to work on Mom's xmas present. She wanted art, which I haven't done in years. Since I stopped writing, more or less. So that's been aggravating. It's not like they have beta readers for artwork. x_x It's turning out okay, but nowhere near the level I used to work at. Meh.

I need more tea. And to remember to take the bloody St. John's Wort to help with the depression that keeps trying to drag me under. -__- Thank you, dad, for that lovely bit of genetics. :P

Happy Turkey Day, for those who celebrate. And please boycott all those asshole companies who make their people work on Thanksgiving. It's rude, not only to their employees but also to the families of those employees who would really like to have their loved ones home with them.


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