Feb. 12th, 2010 09:57 am
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Every so often I run a search for my name to see what comes up.

I found Azure Seas & Dragon Isles on Amazon. ^^; I think I vaguely remember Lulu sending me a message about that, but I didn't pay it much attention at the time. *sheepish*

I also need to do.. something... about the fact that someone has a used copy of BatB listed on Amazon as well. At least, they have my coverart up there, but it's listed as 'Spanish edition' and a Disney coloring book. Wtf? @_@

Also, I still hate hospitals. And their parking lots. *grumble*

Fan Art

Jul. 4th, 2009 09:16 pm
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I has Faelin fanart. ^____^ Is pretty.

Am also melting. When I got home today, it was still 91 degrees. Two hours later it was still 91 degrees. Only in the last hour has it cooled off - to 86 degrees. x_x (That's 33 & 30 Celsius respectively, for you metric people)

Tomorrow I work from 7am to 6pm. They'd better bring me cake, that's all I'm saying. :P
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Mmm. This one nibbled. *goes to look at prompts again and see if anything else wants to take a bite*

Dragon Isles 'verse, specifically Red Dragon.

Ruby Red )


Mar. 31st, 2009 09:30 pm
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What? Did she...? Did she really...? Yes, yes she did!

After much slacking, it is finally edited and released. x.x Have at.

Azure Seas & Dragon Isles in print. 326 pages.

The ebook has also been corrected, and certain forgotten drabbles added back in, so if those of you who bought the original version want the updated one, just drop me an email (tygati at darkkingdom dot com) with the name of the Storm Chaser's captain. <3

Much love is owed to Mem, Rykaine, and Sixpence for editing, and to Ki-chan for the handholding necessary to survive the edits. x_x All remaining errors are, of course, mine.
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*boggle* Mikey finally finished the cover. It has been submitted to Lulu and I have ordered my copy for proofing.

*slightly dazed*

In the meantime, the ebook is available on Lulu for those who don't want/can't get/don't want to wait for the print version. ^^;

The stories contained in the book are:

The Azure
Azure Seas

Silver Dragon
Black Dragon (By [ profile] maderr)
Grey Dragon
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 2
Blue Dragon
Baby Dragon

and the drabbles/extra scenes are:

First Favorite
Sand and Sea
A Gift for Cion (By: [ profile] maderr)
A Very Good Morning (By: [ profile] maderr)
Dragons (By: [ profile] maderr)
Swimming (By: [ profile] maderr)
Giant Squid (By: [ profile] maderr)

Bold denotes new material not seen before on LiveJournal. ^___^ (And yes, Avalon, I did finally write Red Dragon smut. Aren't you proud of me?)

*goes to pass out now since she has to be at work in less than 7 hours...*


Jun. 10th, 2008 07:58 am
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It occurred to me as I was poking at the Glossary I'm making for the Dragon Isles book that I never remembered to share [ profile] hsavinien's Dragon Isles fanfic 'Pretty.' It's femmeslash, just as a warning, but well written.

And while I'm at it, I'll post [ profile] cobecat's fanfiction again too: Gold and Green.
It is, sadly, AU, as there are a few vital details in it that won't mesh with the rest of the 'verse, but I will probably end up writing drabbles for it at some point anyway because I simply cannot resist the idea of Marin being confronted with the rest of the dragons. *snerk*
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Because [ profile] alice_montrose made me. :P

Prequel-type drabble for Silver Dragon, from the Dragon Isles 'verse. Mild spoilers?

History )

Blue Dragon

Oct. 3rd, 2007 05:55 pm
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Yeah, cause it's too long for one LJ-post... ^^;

Part one of two
Part two of two:

Blue Dragon )

Blue Dragon

Oct. 3rd, 2007 05:49 pm
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Done! ^^; Wow, that took forever, one lunch break at a time... >.>

There are... things I could say, I think, but I've had chili, one cup of cocoa, and more cherry kisses than I care to admit to, so my brain is sort of short-circuited... ^^;

Anyway! This one's dedicated to Sini. She knows why. ^.~

Blue Dragon )
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*sigh* So, I was aiming for the 'Teyn's Coronation' request. What you get is about one day prior, cause that's what they gave me. Stupid dragons. x.x

From the Dragon Isles, Grey Dragon in specific.

Family )
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Dragon Isles drabble. Vinnissaen POV.

Not really all that crack!tacular. More introspective, again. >.> Sowwy, [ profile] graphitesmudges. 6.6

Possessions )
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For [ profile] maderr, for that obscure scenes & stuff meme.

Deyllgo and his now-dead lover, from the Dragon Isles.

Sand and Sea )
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x.x I suck. I tried to draw Xalin for [ profile] broken_moons. Five times. >.< Every time it comes out wrong somehow. Arrgh. x.x

So, you get Q'inn and a dragon instead. )

Semi-NWS for Q'inn's butt. He's also missing his stripes or pattern or whatever I meant to have on him and couldn't remember. -.- The dragon is just a size comparison of a Dragon Isles dragon, average size, with an average size sailing ship. Deyllgo is bigger, Liath is smaller. *nod*

Addendum: Today at work I cut myself bad enough to need a bandaid. I made it a whole three weeks. *proud*
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So, like, a week ago I get an email from a stalker fan, and she sent fanfiction! *.* And so I asked for a link so I could share with y'all, and then like a total idiot I forgot to share. x.x *stupid*

BUT! I remembered now. ^^;

Gold and Green by [ profile] cobecat Tis a fanfiction for my Dragon Isles 'verse. ^____^ Hee.

*goes back to plotting stuff that she's totally not supposed to be working on; damn those muses...*
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Heh. Sorry about that cliffhanger. Bad Kitty. ^^; Here is the complete story.

The entirety of Red Dragon 2 )
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Because [ profile] blackcat348 told me to. :) The second scene in the Red Dragon sequel.

*runs and hides*

Pirates!!! Mwahahahahaha... )


May. 28th, 2007 06:43 pm
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Didn't really get very far, but I refuse to post nothing for [ profile] avalon13, therefore... the pathetic first scene of the Red Dragon sequel.

As yet untitled... )
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So, M bribed me into finishing this. ^^; Heh. Takes place after Silver Dragon and [ profile] maderr's Black Dragon, but before Grey Dragon.

There is still one more story planned for The Dragon Isles, and possibly more set in this 'verse. Haven't decided yet. Also haven't decided if I need to do a post-story drabble or not... Hmmm...

Minor warnings for violence. Dragons will be dragons... ^^;

The Red Dragon )
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Heh. Was bored. ^^;

Dragon Head )

Raiden go Splash )

Raiden )


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