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Master List of all Kitty's Major & Secondary characters
This should be all of them that got a reasonably significant role. (Y'know, a speaking part. ;)

Aeynanyi Sirlennu (EY-yen-AHN-yii seer-LEN-noo) from Silver Dragon
Aiden (EYE-den) from Caging the Beast
Ahi'kiha (ah-hee-KEY-ha) from The Prince, The Wizard, and The Dragon
Akash (ah-KAHSH) from To Punish A Thief
Alexius (uh-LEX-ee-us) from The Darkness Saga
Amaryllis (am-uh-RIL-is) from A Fairy Tale
Ameen (ah-MEEN) from Forsaken Sands
Arvik (AR-vik) from Fox & Whale
Arycian (ah-REE-see-ahn) from The Green Planet
Atalaya (ah-ta-LAY-ah) from Arabian Days
Azragael (AZ-ra-gael) from The Darkness Saga
Beldon (BEL-duhn) from Beauty and the Beast
Blaine (BLEYN) from Breaking the Record
Brigid (BRIH-gid) from Cradle and All
Byron (BAI-ruhn) from Yes, Master
Cheshire Cat (CHESH-er kat) from The Jabberwocky Key
Ciaran (see-AR-ahn) from The Darkness Saga
Charles F "Charlie" Colcord (CHAHR-lee KOHL-kord) from In the Hours of Darkness
Colonel William Brocius (KUR-nl BROH-see-uhs) from Space Cowboys
Conall (ko-NAHL) from Never Say Thank You
Cori (KAWR-ee) from (Space) Cowboys drabble
Dahgen (DAH-gen) from Space Gremlins
Delphis (DEL-fis) from My Prince
Delta Altair (DEL-tuh) from Kidnapped 'verse
Deyllgo (dey-EL-go) from Silver Dragon
Dralikkzion (druh-LIK-zee-ohn) from Kidnapped 'verse
Ebedi (eh-BED-ee) from By Moonlight
Ekaitz (EH-kaitz) from Kidnapped 'verse
Ekihl (EY-kil) from Wings drabble
Elissiv (ey-LIS-iv) from Dragon Roses
Elohan (eh-LO-han) from The Green Planet
Eli (EE-lai) from Trill the Fairy-Kitty
Enari (eh-NAR-ee) from Baby Dragon
Endolei (EN-doh-ley) from My Prince
Faelin (FEY-lin) from Blue Dragon
Fe'yiv (FEH-yiv) from Kidnapped 'verse
Figment (FIG-muhnt) from A Figment of your Imagination
Glesyn (GLE-sihn) from Blue Dragon
Glikkael (GLIK-keyl) from Granted
Harry Alonzo Longbaugh (HAIR-ee) from Space Cowboys
Herb (herb) from Beauty and the Beast
Hran'li (HRAN-lee) from Space Gremlins
Hyacinth (HAHY-uh-sinth) from A Fairy Tale
Inkiza (in-KEE-za) from By Moonlight
Irian (EER-ee-ahn) from Better Than Breakfast
Irinar (EE-ree-nahr) from Kidnapped 'verse
Isaac T. "Ike" Pryor (AHYK) from Space Cowboys
Ishael (ih-SHEYL) from Blind Boy drabble
Jabberwocky (JAB-er-wak-kee) from The Jabberwocky Key
Jack Sullivan (JAK SUHL-uh-vuhn) from Space Cowboys
Jalus "Empyrean" (JAL-uhs) from Superheroes: Arch-Enemy
Jayce (JAYSS) from Kidnapped 'verse
Jemne (JEM-nee) from The Green Planet
Jei (JAY) from Kidnapped 'verse
Jeremey Jasper (JER-ih-mee JAS-per) from In the Hours of Darkness & Space Cowboys
Jerin (JER-in) from Wings drabble
Jinx (JINGKS) from Yes, Master
Jirae (JI-ray) from Kidnapped 'verse
Julian (JOO-lee-en) from Minuet of the Night
Kadib (?) from To Punish A Thief
Karai (ka-RAI) from The Darkness Saga
Kea'takovvi (KEA-tah-KO-vee) from Kidnapped 'verse
Keikiali'i (KAY-kee-ah-LEE-ee) from The Prince, The Wizard, and The Dragon
Khairiya (KAI-ree-yah) from The Jungle Prince
Kian (KEY-an) from Cradle and All
Kir (KEER) from Chronicles of an Animal Control Officer
Kiyam (KEE-yam) from Bar Fight, etc
Kormiel (KOR-mee-el) from Red Dragon
Krys (Chris ;) from The Green Planet
Lanthus (LAN-thus) from Azure Seas
Lei (LAY) from Fox & Whale
Lhiannan (lee-AHN-nan) from Sand and Sea (The Dragon Isles)
Liadan (LEE-a-dahn) from Granted
Liath (LEE-ath) from Grey Dragon
Lucerne (lu-SER-nay) from A Fairy Tale
Lucien (LU-see-en)from The Darkness Saga
Lurizal (lu-REE-zal) from The Darkness Saga
Maclyn (MAC-lin) from Xmas drabble
Maria (ma-REE-ah) from The Darkness Saga
Meiki (MAY-kee) from Kidnapped 'verse
Melanth (mel-ANTH) from Beauty and the Beast
Michelle (mih-SHEL) from The Darkness Saga
Mirofal (MEE-ro-fahl) from Silver Dragon
Mitzi (MEE-tzee) from For Love Of Death
Morgan "Despair / Shadow Princess" (MOHR-ghan) from Superheroes: Arch-Enemy
Morgemeil (MOR-guh-mael) from Caging the Beast
Naefindan (NAE-fin-dan) from The Azure
Nigrae (NEE-grey) from Blind Boy drabble
Niven (NIH-vehn) from Never Say Thank You
Oliae (OH-lee-ae) from The Darkness Saga
Omicron Theta (OM-ee-kron THEY-tuh) from Kidnapped 'verse
"Promise" (PROM-is) from Space Cowboys
Q'inn'demaaksi (k-IN-deh-MAK-see) from Kidnapped 'verse
Quetz (KETZ) from Seduction of the Feathered Serpent
Quinlan (KWIN-lan) from Cradle and All
Rahdi (RAH-dee) from Arabian Days
Rain (rain) from A Fairy Tale
Rajas (RAH-jahs) from The Jungle Prince
Rana (RAH-na) from Kidnapped 'verse
Rie (REE) from The Bridge
Riven (RIH-ven) from Azure Seas
Robert Benjamin "Ben" Masterson (BEN) from Space Cowboys
Ruadh (RU-adh) from Red Dragon
Ruari (ru-AH-ri) from Cradle and All
Rudan (RU-dan)from Trill the Fairy-Kitty
Ryssan (?) from To Punish A Thief
Sabin (SAH-bin) from Caging the Beast
Sadhil (sah-DHEEL) from The Jungle Prince
Sahara (suh-HAR-uh) from Light and Darkness
Seatak (SEE-tak) from Stories from the Sea
Sebastian (se-BAS-tee-ahn) from Minuet of the Night
Secret (SEE-krit) from Light and Darkness
Selan (SEL-ahn) from The Green Planet
Sen (SEN) from Stories from the Sea
Seshem (SE-shem) from Forsaken Sands
Shaji (SHA-jee) from Arabian Days
Shari (SHAH-ree) from Yes, Master
Sheridan (SHER-ih-dan) from The Darkness Saga
Sigma Altair (SIG-muh al-TAIR) from Kidnapped 'verse
Silver (SIL-ver) from Light and Darkness
Skylar (SKAHY-lahr) from Breaking the Record
Spark (spark) from Space Gremlins
Styr (STEER) from Snowbell Fairy
Tamsyn (TAM-sin) from The Bridge
Tau Ceti (TAU seh-tee) from Kidnapped 'verse
Teynaise (TAY-un-EYE-say) from Grey Dragon
Tezca (TEZ-ka) from Seduction of the Feathered Serpent
Torhle (TOR-ul) from The Azure
Trill (tril) from Trill the Fairy-Kitty
Tru (true) from Trill the Fairy-Kitty
Urian (YUR-ee-an) from Kidnapped 'verse
Urisel (yu-REE-sel) from Kidnapped 'verse
Velken (VEL-kin) from Better Than Breakfast
Vinnissaen (VIH-ni-SAY-en) from Red Dragon
Volar (VO-lar) from Kidnapped 'verse
Whitney (WIT-nee) from Yes, Master
Wyer (wair / WAY-er) from The Green Planet
Xalin (ZA-lin) from Kidnapped 'verse
Xol (ZOL) from Seduction of the Feathered Serpent
Yaral'nkoma (ya-RAL-ne-KO-ma) from Kidnapped 'verse
Yulis (YOO-lis) from Baby Dragon
Yusue (yoo-SOO-ey) from Dragon Roses
Zachary T. "Zack" Miller (ZAK) from Space Cowboys
Zanson sa Dirmark (ZAN-son sa DIR-mark) from Kidnapped 'verse
Zantier (ZAN-teer) from The Green Planet
Zayde (ZEYD) from (Space) Cowboys drabble
Ziern (ZIERN) from The Green Planet
Zorevan (ZOR-eh-vun) from In the Hours of Darkness

Master Character List for [personal profile] maderr's characters is here.
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