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Yeah, so I know I said the story was finished, and it is. This is just an extra scene with no bearing on the plot, but it's been floating around in my head for months. So I wrote it down. Maybe now it'll leave me alone. :P

Vampire drabble, post-story )
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Tomorrow is [livejournal.com profile] alice_montrose's birthday, but since it's after midnight where she is and thus officially the 25th, I'm posting her birthday present now. :)

The conclusion to the Minuet of the Night vampire drabble series, which I can hardly call drabbles anymore given that together the six 'drabbles' add up to 15,000 words worth of story. >.>;

Happy Birthday Alice, have some Bloodsuckers. NOT WORK SAFE! )
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Forgot to upload these. Huh. 9.9 Alice and I were talking a little while back about the fact that Tektek didn't have any good hair for Julian, and Alice reminded me of Elouai, which is quite extensive as long as none of your characters have a skin color other than peach. :P

But for vampires, it suffices. (Hmm... I wonder what color skin African vampires would have... 9.9) I also wound up doing Selan again while I was there, because I stumbled across an outfit that was just perfect. ^^;; Oh, and a Tektek Karai doll I forgot I made... 9.9 Huh.

On to the dolls! )


Jan. 17th, 2008 08:52 pm
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Tired, but not tired enough for bed, so was sketching.

Here, have a Julian. )

Sleepy now. Go bed. z.z
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Alice? I still hate you. :P

Yes, more vampires. -___-;;

Julian )

Sebastian )
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[livejournal.com profile] alice_montrose is evil. :P She wanted vampires for a drabble. I figured, sure, I can toss out a few paragraphs of bloodsuckers. >.> Then... Sebastian happened. x.x;; And instead of just one short drabble, I end up with a long drabble and a bloody five and a half page ficlet!!! *headdesk*

Drabble #1, for those who haven't read it )

And the new 5.5 page ficlet... )


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