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The very last day of my vacation, I got all packed up aaand... Mom decided that since the fog had come in we should go hike up the logging road that runs north-northeast of their property. It would be a great view, she said. She neglected to inform me that this was a 2 1/2 mile hike straight up. x_@;;

Us being us, we decided to take the back route.

It was very pretty, when I ceased gasping for breath... )
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Last one for tonight. This is what we saw when we finally made it down to Stout Grove, in Jedediah Smith State Park, round about 4pm. ^^; Beautiful big trees. It's such a magical and peaceful place... or at least, it would be if not for the screaming brats and their irresponsible parents. -__-;;

Big trees are Big. )
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So, during our trip Mom and I spent ridiculous amounts of time taking pictures of birds. No particular reason, it was just kind of a challenge. ^^; Here's some of the highlights:

See that little speck?, well... )

Pelicans fishing is way amusing. And we are very dorky. Yup. ^^;;
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So, on the 7th, Mom and I decided to drive down to California to see the redwoods, since I'd never been before. Of course, us being us, we elected to stop at Every Single Viewpoint along the way. This, coupled with my utter obsession with the sea, resulted in a loooooot of photos of water. >.>;

No, seriously, that's all that's under this cut... )

Aside from the very last one, the four preceding it were all taken out the window of a vehicle traveling at roughly 63mph. *grin* Mom's like "Do you want me to pull over?" and I'm all like "Naaahhhh." ^____^
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I take way too many pictures. >.>; But I am now going to inflict them on you. ^__^ Well, some of them.

This is where I was... )

More later, once I sort out which ones I need to share. :)
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Mwahahaha. So, yesterday I went to a doll meet, along with [livejournal.com profile] flamebyrd and her hubby [livejournal.com profile] theducks who were visiting from Canada. <3 Much epicness was had, and Alex let me borrow his camera for awesome fun, but eventually he retrieved it and started taking pictures of Flamebyrd and me.

... I totally could not resist. Poor Flamebyrd, she looks so freaked out, though she says she was really just amused. ^.~


Aug. 19th, 2006 09:13 pm
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Ohyeah! ^^ Mikey and I went shopping yesterday for essentials and found non-essentials in the form of SUPERMAN BOXERS!!! )

The ones Mikey's wearing have Superman's head on the front, but I think he'd kill me if I posted that particular picture... ^^;;


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