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¬ ¬ Sephiroth killed me again. Twice. *le sigh* -.- *goes to level up s'more*

On a slightly more amusing note, Mikey's been watching me play KH2 and is totally a RikuxSora shipper. ^____^ Though, honestly, how anyone can play all the way through that game and not see that pairing all over the place... >.>;

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OMFG. x.@;; Trying to go back to a CRT monitor after you've been using a flatpanel LCD for a year is f*cking painful. x.X I die.

In other news, some KHII spoilers- endgame )
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..... o.o; Oh my, Axel... if that wasn't dripping with yaoi potential, I'm turning in my fangirl badge. o.O;;

*taps monitor hesitantly* Oh? Have you decided to behave...? ¬ ¬

No, no, not going to behave after all... *twitch*

The Tron scenes in KHII made me wanna go watch that again, even though I didn't really care for it the first time around. 9.9 But watching it again really made me wanna slash Flynn and Tron. o.o Woo... maybe throw Ram in there for good measure... *grin*

Tron is, however, much cuter when he's Tron than when he's Alan. >.> Hmmm... Must be the horrid 70s glasses. ^^;

*off to go level up so that Sephy-sama doesn't kick my ass in the first two seconds again* x.x;;
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EEEEEEEE! *__* The banter between Leon & Cloud? SQUEE!!! *______*

Still annoyed by the 50% gametime, 50% cut-scene ratio, but I'd re-watch that one. *.* Too. Funny. What happens when you put two snarky boys in the same room and tell them to go kill the bad guys? ^_______^ Teeheehee.... That so reminded me of a couple of the recent storybits that have been posted. Snark snark snark. ^_________^

NOT liking the Colliseum, though. ¬ ¬ Goddamned bloody time limits...
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Dear Square,

No, putting time limits on everything does NOT make it more challenging, it makes it bloody annoying. :P

No Love,

However, on the up side, the Pridelands is Too Cute. ^_____^ Jump! Pounce! Dash! *squee!*
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Oh Whimper and Cry... Jasmine, Jasmine... they've turned you into a wussy girly-girl! ;;_;; "Save me! Help me! Oh, I'm so worried!" GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!! Whatever happened to the spitfire princess who mouthed off to anyone stupid enough to remain in earshot? ;_; DAMN YOU DISNEY!!! QUIT DUMBING-DOWN YOUR PRINCESSES!!!

*sighs pathetically* It gets worse every time I see a new pretty and purchase it, only to wince painfully at the descriptions contained within. The coloring book was agony. >.< It's like... we're trying to make our young girls wimpy and helpless. RARGH!!!

If the book wasn't packed, I'd post direct quotations. They run something along the line of: "A princess's favorite things: Prince, Jewels, Gown, etc" *twitch*
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Aerith's voice actress is painful. x.x

I'm thinking there's too many cut scenes, and not enough free range. 9.9 I kinda liked being able to run helter-skelter everywhere and not sit through five minute videos. :P

However, I'll forgive them a lot for Jack Sparrow. *.* He even walks drunk. *.* I just wanna reach out and tip him over..... ^__________^
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Four hours into the game, and now I get control of Sora.

..... I have no freaking clue what's going on. x.@


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