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Slacking, me? Why yes... ^^;

Y'all remember Selan, yes? Well, he was lonely... )
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Forgot to upload these. Huh. 9.9 Alice and I were talking a little while back about the fact that Tektek didn't have any good hair for Julian, and Alice reminded me of Elouai, which is quite extensive as long as none of your characters have a skin color other than peach. :P

But for vampires, it suffices. (Hmm... I wonder what color skin African vampires would have... 9.9) I also wound up doing Selan again while I was there, because I stumbled across an outfit that was just perfect. ^^;; Oh, and a Tektek Karai doll I forgot I made... 9.9 Huh.

On to the dolls! )
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First post of the new year! And it's artsy porn! ^__^ Hee.

So, uh, yeah. NOT WORKSAFE. ^^;

Glove Porn )

Forgive the crappy quality. x.x I think my scanner is dying a horrible death and so I got this pic with my camera. *sigh*
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This morning I woke up to find that my car was frozen shut. I had to beat on the doors for about five minutes before I could get one of them to open. x.x Guess 2007 felt like going out with a bang or something. :P

This year I turned 26, got a job I actually enjoy, and started seriously thinking about going back to college. I live in the middle of a major university town, after all. x.x It's really hard to miss when at any given time you'll see a car going down the street with "Go Ducks!" banners all over it. *headshake*

This year my brother's second child was born. Mind you, my brother is nearly 4 years younger than me. It makes me feel... distant, sometimes. To not want any of that stuff. Blah. No more thinking about that. It's stupid anyway, and will probably make my headache worse. x.x

Sometimes I wonder what I want to do with my life, what direction I should go. But you know, as long as I'm happy, who cares? I'm not really the planning type. I take each day as it comes, and enjoy it to the best of my abilities. I try very hard to always look to the positive in things, even when there really isn't much of a positive to see. Sometimes this makes me very naive, but... there's really too much negative in the world already. Why should I make it worse if I can help it?

... enough thinking. I think it's time to give up and take asprin or something. x.x Mergh.

Oh, some artwork.

Ziern, from The Green Planet )

The main cast of Darkness )

I... think that's everything. 9.9 M's trying to bribe me into coloring Ziern. >.> We shall see. x.x That's a lot of... shiny stuff... that will undoubtedly aggravate me to no end. >.>

Now I shall go ponder chocolate, chibis, clay, and whether or not I'm going to celebrate the New Year by east coast time cause I doubt I can manage to stay up till midnight my time. >.>;

Oh, and just don't ask how I expect to chibi-fy Ziern's uniform. x.x Obviously I was not thinking straight. *headdesk*


Jul. 7th, 2007 10:21 am
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Now that I'm not so tired that all I can do is pass out in my bed... ^^;

*___* I am so gleefully spoiled. *purr* Let me share with you the pretties I've gotten lately! (And smack me if there's any I've forgotten, cause I give all new meaning to the word Disorganized. x.x)

[livejournal.com profile] eyestealer drew Selan & Arycian for my birthday. *__* Mew. It's currently my wallpaper. *__* Shiiiiiiiny...

[livejournal.com profile] camden_rehab drew Herb from BatB. *squeee!* He's so Cute and Dorky! *gigglefit* Ah, it pleases me that people still like that story even though it's old and I was muddling through so much of it. ^^;

[livejournal.com profile] wobblygoblin is working on Tau Ceti. *snicker* Zomg I love that expression. Love love love. It is so the "You are Stupid" expression. *chortle*

[livejournal.com profile] ho_sen drew Karai. That makes her a brave, brave girl, cause I still won't attempt him and all his blackness and tallness and feathers and... x.@;; Yeah. Brave girl. ^____^

[livejournal.com profile] broken_moons did Irinar & Fe'yiv, the lone two female crewmembers on a ship filled with overly-horny men. *snicker* Which of course means they'd turn to each other for sane, practical 'friendship'. ^.~

I kinda wanna draw the rest of the Ice Princess crew now... 9.9 Huh. ^^; Or should I draw something else? Who desperately needs to be drawn? *ponder* Suggestions?
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Both of these I'm blaming on [livejournal.com profile] maderr :)

The first is from Beauty and the Beast, written from a prompt she gave me, and the second is from The Green Planet, being a certain Incident that was referred to in the Memorial Day Smut and I promptly got coerced into writing. *grin* Enjoy?

It Followed Me Home... )

The Dingle-Ball Incident )
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This only took me ALL DAY... x.x Why must my Plot always seem to overpower my Smut?

From The Green Planet

Ambassador-training )
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More completely AU silliness I wrote for M. In much the same vein as crossovers 1 & 2, this one features Selan & Arycian from The Green Planet running off to visit Raz & Dym from [livejournal.com profile] maderr's Lost Gods Book 2: Burning Bright.

Crossover Madness 3: Pozhar )
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Note: Makes a whooooole lot more sense if you've read [livejournal.com profile] nikerymksherea's Zantier smut stories. ^_^

The Kitten Test )
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*shifty eyes* Nikery's fault. ALL Nikery's fault. If it sucks, blame her. But I have to post it cause she took something from the beginning and wrote a sidefic with it, and it is good, so... yes. >.> *slinks off*

Fluffy Smut )
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Eheheheh... So, Nikery wrote a lovely little smutfic for Zantier. The Arycian in my head promptly jumped up and down and insisted on being allowed to go walk in on them. Nikery encouraged him. -.-;; So, yeah...

Arycian arrives to make Zantier miserable )
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The last and final drabble for The Green Planet. ^________^

As before, this takes place after everything else, but most especially the Epilogue. Mild sap warning. ;)

My Heart )
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Drabble 2 of 3 set post-story. ^.^ Pointless fluff, but it kinda makes me want to write something with Krys. Hmm... >.>

Sparring Practice )
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The first of three drabbles which take place post-story. ^.^

>.> So, yeah, spoilers for the end of Green Planet... ^.~

Stolen Moments )
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Totally for [livejournal.com profile] nikerymksherea. ^.^ Even if I am picking on her favorite character yet again... ^.~

Zantier )
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Wow. 20,565 words and 50 pages later, I think I can safely say this is the longest thing I have ever written. ^_____^

It's kinda funny. Part Seven needed an angst warning; this part probably needs a Sap warning. ^^; See, T? Back to my proper roots. ;)

Part le Final, Love )

~ Fin ~

Picture: Selan and Arycian


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