Aug. 28th, 2005 06:29 pm
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Wheeee.... *dies*

So. Saturday morning, 2:30am, got up and tossed Stuff in car. 3:30am, got gas. 3:40am, headed west for 306 miles. x.x Stopped for gas in Cle Elum. Up and over Snoqualmie pass and down into Seattle. 8am, arrive in Seattle. Wander through the International District (aka Chinatown) to see when Uwajimaya and Kinokuniya open (9 and 10 respectively) then head up north a tad to the Seattle Pacific University where my Grandparents are staying.

Gparents awol (at breakfast) so read book in car for about a half hour and changed clothes after wandering around campus for about twenty minutes trying to find the bloody building. x.x Nice student pointed me in right direction. 9am, meet up with Gparents, see Gma off to her China Painting class, and head back down to the International District with Gpa to do some shopping. Got munchies and two books. Gpa also got munches. *grin*

Noon, back to the University for lunch with Gma, then down to the piers to go check out the Aquarium with Gpa. (Gma had more classes) Took lots of fishie pictures, Gpa was impressed with my camera's video mode, and then the stupid batteries died. *grr* Gpa gonna send me his pictures. They're better anyway. ^^ He's our professional photographer.

Back to meet Gma, dinner, a bit of chatting, then Gpa and I turned in for bed. Gma stayed up a bit to attend the china painters auction. (and won me a swifty scarf!) Called Mom to say I was OK, and then Trisha called me to make sure I got there. #^.^# Everybody checking in on me....

Sunday, Gma decides to play hookey from class, so after breakfast the three of us went driving along northward along the water and stopped in a cute little part to take pictures of birds and water. General silliness. To Subway for lunch (Gparents had never been before) and then back to load up my car with my Stuff and off I go. Didn't actually manage to make it onto the freeway for home till about 1:45pm. Very long, HOT drive... made it back to CdA around 6pm. Yes, I made really good time, despite the idiots on the road who had NO FREAKING CLUE how to drive. >.< *twitch*

Home now. *dies*


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