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I'm going to end up cutting most of this post due to the pictures. :3

I will, however, spam you with one pic.

Bunny cake! Terry, one of my co-workers, made this awesome bunny cake for me. <3 The world needs more men who can bake.

In nail polish news, you get two pictures today. )

Dezzie's coming over today so I'll be redoing both of our nails. Not sure yet what I'm going to do... maybe try out some of the Llarowe order. She and I have been pondering driving up to Salem to camp out at Ulta for an hour or three and drool over all the nail polishes (Seriously, ask [personal profile] fyredancer, that place is like a department store of nothing but beauty products. Rows upon rows of nail polish! *_*) but after splurging on the Butter London and Llarowe orders I'm trying to be good for at least a week. Or two. :3

And going back to dolly news... )

If it ever stops raining, I might even paint him. >.>;

... I could have sworn I had more pictures of stuff. Huh. Oh well.

Doll Post!

Dec. 24th, 2012 09:15 pm
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Doll post! ... though only one of them is mine. ^^;

When I went to Talya's I took pictures of all her dolls, since I've never been able to keep track of who all she has. As it turns out, she has quite a few more than I thought she did! )

There was talk of an all-day proper photographing of the dolls some time in late January, so maybe if that happens I'll just take notes so I can at least label them with their proper names. ^^;;

... huh, and I just realized I took Sen up there, but didn't get a single picture of him! Sorry Sen!
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I had an absolutely lovely Christmas Eve today. I headed up north in the morning and dropped off Gnome's present in Albany, getting two hugs to start out the day right. ^__^ Then I made my way to Salem to meet up with the amazing Talya [personal profile] fyredancer whose work I have fangirled since... some time in the 90s. >.>; She's just as lovely in person as she comes across as online, and after dropping her girlfriend off at work she and her friend (Gin? Who had on an epic lace-collared shirt that Inomi would just love) and I went to lunch at a little French place the name of which has already escaped me and I tried something new and it was very tasty and fun. ^_^ Then we wandered back to her place and played with dolls, and I think Peppermint made a new friend. )

Tomorrow [personal profile] amatsubu is coming over for Christmas, and it should be a wonderful day too!
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It has occurred to me that I'm ridiculously behind on posting my photostories here. These are doll-related, so if that doesn't appeal to you then you don't have to look.

Full Photostory Link List as of July 25 )
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My flight out of San Diego on Wednesday boarded at 10am, so my aunt and uncle got me to the airport around 8:15. At curbside baggage I'm told I need to go inside, there's some sort of problem. The lady at the check-in counter informs me that there's the possibility of up to an hour's delay, but my layover in San Francisco is two hours so there's no danger of me missing my connecting flight. Fine, I hand over my suitcase and go wade through security.

For the next hour and a half they can't decide if there's going to be a delay or not. )

And thus concludes my vacation. ^_^

I waded through a bunch of old email today, so if you randomly got a reply to a comment made two months ago, well, that's why. ^^;; Will probably do it again tomorrow.
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Monday was a day of family, and me braving Hillcrest in an attempt to go grocery shopping while my Gparents caught a nap. I succeeded, though it's really nerve-wracking driving someone else's car through a city you're unfamiliar with.

Then, Tuesday, my aunt and uncle arrived and nabbed me for a zoo trip.

One last group hug with Grandpa and Grandma. It was decided that, after the Zoo, I'd stay my last night at my aunt and uncle's place so they could take me to the airport in the morning. And also because my aunt needed advice on how to paint her bathroom. >.>;;

Here there be animals! )
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I have discovered it is possible to be sick and not know you are sick. >.>; I wasn't sick-sick, I was just feeling kinda blah and a bit sneezy, so I chalked it up to not enough vitamins and allergies. Only, I took my vitamins and cleaned my room and was still ick, so I had to conclude that I was a little tiny bit sick. For a week. >.>;

Anyway, back to vacation recap...

Sunday my aunt and uncle nabbed me and we went off to view the tall ships down at the waterfront. They were having their Festival of Sail, which meant lots of people and an awesome mini street fair. Wish I'd had more time to scope out goodies. Ah well.

Welcome to the festival of sail. )
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After all that excitement, the next day Gma and Gpa kinda pooped out and took a long midday nap. Aunt Sandra just sat around and read, and me, well, I... took pictures. *laugh*

Here, there, and everywhere... )
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So, after a couple of days of hospital visits, we got to bring Grandma home. The next day my Aunt Sandra arrived for a two day visit, and while I initially was rather resentful of her honing in on my Grandparents-time, it turned out to be useful because she could hang out with Grandma while Grandpa and I went to the Birch Aquarium to decompress.

It's kind of a sentimental thing, cause years ago they were in Seattle for one of Grandma's painting things and I drove all the way across Washington to visit and while Grandma painted Grandpa and I went to the Seattle aquarium. ^_^

A whale of a tale... )
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So, my 84 year old grandparents are slowly declining, and Grandma keeps going in and out of the hospital, so I decided I was going to go visit them. Grandma has been a china painter / porcelain artist for the last 50 years or so, and she's the very first family member I told about my dolls, so naturally she wanted to see them.

Cue me freaking out about trying to transport dollies on an airplane.

But we managed, and security didn't bat an eye either time, so I'm a bit more calm about it now than I was. *laugh*

Anyway, I stayed for a week, and maxed out my camera card. *sheepish*

Here are the first three days of the trip, collectively known as "Operation spring Grandma from the Hospital." ^__^

Lots and lots of pictures, many dollie-related, along with family and random crack. )

Okay, done spamming for now, more on the rest of the trip later. *laugh*


Apr. 7th, 2010 10:45 am
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Wheee! Alice's dollie arrived! ^___^ Took me a while to find a body already in the EU so as to avoid customs duties. ^^;;

*bouncebounce* How silly is it to be so excited over someone else's doll? ^^;; This is making me want to go read his story again, though. *sheepish* Maybe I'll just see about annoying Alice for drabbles. ^__^
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Today I packed up the boys and we all went to the hospital to visit Amatsubu. x_x I hate hospitals. And this one had the worst parking in the history of hospitals. Plus it was raining. I got wet. ¬ ¬

But once I figured out where to find her, it went better. ^__^ Unpacked the boys and chatted with her and her mom, baffled the (many many omg go away many) nurses that were in and out, perfected our "doll spiel" for the clueless, went for a walk, took pictures... yeah. ^_^ Probably the least stressful hospital visit I've ever had, except when they went to do the poking-with-needles things and then I was like LA LA LA NOT LOOKING! >__<

She's stuck there for a while, so may suck it up and go back again. They have her on 'clear liquids' only, so she can't eat squat, and the selection sucks, so I'm going to have to drop by a grocery store and get something decent. And raid my tea collection for the good stuff. *headshake* Hospital food.

Pictures, mostly of Tian exploring the Hospital. )
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So, it all started with a wig. And then there was story. And the story wouldn't shut up. So I wound up with six 'chapters' of wonderfully pointless visual fluff. ^__^

I think I will leave this unlocked, since I've backdated everything, and you don't have to click the links if you don't want to. This is dollie stuff, for those who haven't already figured it out. ^^;

The Story:
1 ~ A Forgotten Memory
2 ~ The Black Knight
3 ~ Few words
4 ~ Who Are You?
5 ~ The White Knight
6 ~ To The Rescue
7 ~ Epilogue

Now I just need to get back into writing actual stories and all will be well. ^^;
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I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] amatsubu today! ^__^ It was great, though next time I need to pack better... or just haul her up this way. ^^; She lives down on the south end of town, and I'm all the way up at the north edge.

I took Tian and Shaial with me to meet her, and I think we may have a convert. *gigglefit* Shaial liked her, though. He stood, in his hooves, on the carpet, for like ten minutes. :P Bah. Ungrateful demongod.

I has pictures! )

I left her with ResinSoul's website. ^__^ Technically I was showing her the little green elfie I want to get to be chibi-Tau Ceti, not being an enabler, nope. ^______^

But now I doubly have reason to pick up the pace with the BP rewrite and Zero Chronicles. She knows where I live! AAAHHHHH!!!!! <3
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Leaving this unlocked for the recipe. ^__^

Tis the season for baking! And the boys would like to share. <3

Shaial's Double-Chocolate Mint Chip cookies )

WP meme

Sep. 23rd, 2009 10:03 pm
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Stole'd from Rishi. ^_^

- Post your current wallpaper
- Explain in no more than five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
- Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

I have a wallpaper randomizer that changes my WP every fifteen minutes. ^^; At the moment it has a handful of dollie pictures in it. This particular one is Tian showing off his new neon colored wig. ^__^


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