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I do rather wonder sometimes if anyone even bothers to look at LiveJournal any more. It seems as though it's gone silent. I hardly ever see anything come up on my Friends page these days. :(

Survived Christmas, and our epic freak snowstorm that shut down western Oregon for an entire week because Oregonians are pussies and never learned how to drive in snow. They seriously put chains on to drive across town and I'm perfectly fine in my normal tires. I left my studded tires in Idaho when I moved because I knew I'd never need them.

Mikey got me Star Trek pajamas and bathrobe for Christmas. *happy geek* And Mom got me my favorite season of Doctor Who on DVD. (Donna!!!) I've been marathoning Classic Doctor Who for a while now and Four is now vying with Ten for the title of Favorite Doctor. I love his slow grins. They are epic. And he has such awesome Companions. There's Sarah Jane of course, and Leela after my little violent heart, and the epic sass that is Romana I. I haven't gotten to Romana II yet. :3

Leading up to Christmas I went on an epic baking spree. Fortunately Mikey's on the job to eat them for me otherwise what would I do with them all? My first batch didn't even survive the weekend.

We had four Christmas trees this year, because. There was the full-size one, of course, then the 3ft doll-size one, and my lovely color-change fiber optic one, and this year I dug the white ceramic one with the light-up blue birds out of the garage and set it up too. Pretty.

Thanksgiving was had at my friends Martin and Katrina's home because they always invite me and they have the best food despite being gluten and lactose intolerant (her) and diabetic (him). And their family is insane. Mikey, of course, had to work, because Walmart sucks. :P

Sort of missed Halloween entirely, due to my job moving me to a different position at the warehouse where it's not well heated (55F on a good day) so there wasn't much point to dressing up and then covering it all in layers and layers of insulation. I typically wear a flannel shirt, fleece-lined jacket, and long down jacket at the same time. Plus two pairs of socks and genuine 80s legwarmers. I also have three space heaters at my workstation. The guys, while they have decided that I look like an eskimo, are very laid-back and good natured about my issues with the cold.

For the record, when ThinkGeek says "one size fits most" what they mean is "one size fits most men." :P

I have now managed to make it to midnight Mountain time, where my mom's at. Wonder if I'll make it to midnight Pacific time. Mikey and I celebrated by Eastern time because he has to work tomorrow. I repeat, Walmart sucks. I'm tired, though. It's been a long time since the days when I could hang out with friends so long that when we decided to go out for dinner we discovered we were just in time for the early bird special at Denny's.

Happy New Year, all. May you find happiness in the year to come.


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