Mar. 15th, 2015

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So In the Hours of Darkness has gone through two edits and is now in the hands of the final editor which I forgot the title of (copy editor?) the one who goes through and makes sure you haven't misplaced any punctuation or done anything exceptionally stupid with words and such. The little finishing touches.

Have not gotten first edits back for the other one yet, which is understandable given that my editor moved to a different state on short notice and is in charge of a massive anthology and other things that keep her super busy, but I'm still like a little wiggly puppy waiting for someone to throw the ball plz.

Plus, I could really use the kick in the pants slash motivation. ^^;;

I have a third story which is complete but I have to wait on submitting that one until I write the one that comes before it because otherwise they'll be all out of order and that kind of thing drives me bonkers. Plus, there are little bits that will need to be tweaked to the sequel once I finally get the prequel written. >.>; Oy vey.

I've been going round and round with some emotional issues (Thanks, Dad, really could have lived without that bit of genetics) so have not gotten much of anything useful done. Maderr threw a couple of shinies at me as a cheer up present and I did a little beta on them along the way so that made me feel at least somewhat useful. ^_^

(Also, DUDE, you guys have no idea what kind of epic awesome is upcoming. Seriously. Omg. Edge-of-your-seat nail-biting epic-squeeage sort of stuff. IT IS GLORIOUS.)

Okay, enough wallowing in end-of-story withdrawal. Maybe I can muster up enough oomph to tackle the Gremlins. Wish me luck.


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