Oct. 11th, 2014

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My daily wordcount goal is low (500 words) but that means I actually have a chance of sticking with it instead of giving up. I've been able to reach or exceed my goal every day this week, so while I may be nickel and dimeing it to death, at least it's progress. :)

Overall story is currently sitting at 32,000 words with quite a few more to go. I have no idea what this thing will clock in at come the end since my story notes are very sparse for these sections and I'm having to flesh out huge chunks of everything as I go along, but hopefully it will be enjoyable.

I've heard back from one of my two pre-readers and the verdict is favorable, so that's always a good thing.

I did go back and edit in a few small physical descriptions for a couple of minor characters after I read an article that seriously pissed me off. I tend to prefer to let the characters personalities speak for them and let my readers develop an image of the character that suits each reader but I just... Grr. So I went back and made someone black and someone brown and lo and behold I think I changed six words and it didn't impact the story at all! Imagine that! Bastard.

I also wound up writing an entire additional character into one scene who wasn't originally planned but I felt I didn't have enough women in my story and there was no reason not to have a woman in that part of the story. Plus, it helped me fill in a huge chunk of the culture that I was seriously vague on before. I have a much better feel for that society now. ^_^

I do, however, need to go write now, because I spent a large chunk of my day baking delicious things and am not allowed to go to bed until I reach my daily word goal. :3

Wish me luck!


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